Name / Rain (Jung, Ji-Hoon) (Korean-bi)
DOB / June 25, 1982 (born in Seoul, South Korea)
Physical Traits / 185Cm, 75Kg, O TYPE
Profession / Singer, Dancer, Actor and Model
Education / Kyung Hee University Post Modern Music Department
Nickname / Dog (collie)
Family / Dad and younger sister (Hanna)
Hobbies / watching movies, listening to music, shoes and apparel collection
Special Talent / everything about acting& dance
His Ideal Girl / someone who is good in cooking, kind and pretty
Favorite actor / Charlie Chaplin & Han Seok-kyu
Favorite musician / Michael Jackson., Janet Jackson, Usher
Management company / J.Tune Entertainment,
U.S. Management Agency / William Morris
Own fashion brand / Six To Five,
Official website /



RAIN (Real name: Jung Ji-hoon (Hangeul: 정지훈, Hanja: 鄭智薰), born June, 25 1982) is a male Korean pop singer, dancer, model, and actor. Rain, also known as Bi (pronounced as bee), is an R&B/hip hop artist from South Korea who is now popular and famous throughout all of East Asia. Not only does he sing and dance, but he has also starred in three Korean dramas, one Korean movie, and has modeled for such things as Ralph Lauren and Giordano. Because of the style of his music and dance, he has been called the Asian Usher and even the Asian Justin Timberlake.

Rain began as a member of the boy band “Fanclub”, a 6 member Korean boy band during the late 1990’s. After the group disbanded, Rain wished to continue his career as a dancer and after many rejections at different auditions he finally entered JYP Entertainment. Park Jin Young himself, the company’s CEO, became interested in young Rain and took him under his wing.

Rain debuted in 2002 with his first album. nappun namja, also known by fans as Bad Guy, the third track from this first album, was a huge hit. He took a short break after his debut album to star in the 2003 drama series Sangdoo! Let’s Go To School, as the main character Sang Doo.

Following this, Rain released his second album, How to Avoid The Sun. The title song, Ways to Avoid The Sun, was yet another hit.

In 2004 Rain starred in another drama series, Full House, as the male lead Lee Young-Jae. Full House became one of the highest rated Korean dramas, and aired in many other Asian countries (including the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan). Through this, Rain gained many fans from all across Asia. His performance in Full House also won the Best Actor Award at the KBS Acting Awards.

2004 also saw the release of Rain’s third album, It’s Raining. This album has sold over 1 million copies, making it Rain’s most successful album so far. His first concert, Rainy Day, which was held in Korea and Japan, was sold out on the very first day. 2004 also saw Rain win the MTV Asia Grand Slam.

In 2005, Rain won Favorite Korean Artist at the 2005 MTV Asia Aid, Most Popular Asian Artist Award from Channel [V], Best Buzz Asia Award at the MTV Japan Video Music Awards 2005, and Best Korean Singer Award in the MTV-CCTV Mandarin Music Honors in both Beijing and Taiwan. He was the first Asian performer to ever be invited to the 2005 American MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, and the 2005 MTV Latin Video Music Awards in Mexico. He also received interviews with Time Magazine Asian Edition, and CNN Talk Asia.

Rain’s next tour, RAINY DAY 2005 Tour, starting in Seoul and then going to Tokyo and Hong Kong, sold out even quicker than the first had. Rainy Day Japan, held at the Tokyo International Forum, sold out in 30 seconds. Tickets for the Hong Kong performances sold out in just a few hours.

In the midst of all this, Rain somehow found time in 2005 to star in another Korean drama series, A Love To Kill, as the main male character Kang Bokgu.

In 2005, Rain was invited with Korean singer Lim Jeong Hee to be featured in the song The Perfect Interaction by Taiwanese star Wang Leehom.

His two day concert in 2006, Rainy Day New York, held in Madison Square Garden, sold out in a matter of days. Special guests who made stage appearances at the Rainy Day New York concert include his mentor and producer JYP, and American stars JoJo, Omarion (dancing for Rain’s song nappun namja) and P. Diddy. His two day concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, held on the 23rd and 24th of December 2006, sold out within the first week.

In 2006, Time Magazine voted Rain the 2nd most influential artist of 2006. And in this same year, Rain not only recorded a duet song with Omarion, Man Up, but also released his first three Japanese singles, Sad Tango, Free Way and Move On, and then first Japanese album, Eternal Rain, as well as his first digital single, Still Believe, which was to help promote BMW.

If this wasn’t enough of a busy year for Rain, he also starred as the lead male role in I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay, his debut in the film industry, and released his fourth album Rain’s World, and then kicked off his Rain’s Coming Tour, which took him all across Asia and into America.

Rain setup his own entertainment company named J.Tune after his contract ended with JYPE entertainment. He also created his own clothing brand named Six To Five and ready to break into the fashion market.  His 5th album was the first album produced after he left JYPE and the album name was created by Rain called Rainism.  Rain participated in writing lyrics and composing for this album and this album made a huge sales in Korea.

Rain’s first main cast Hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin” will be in theaters around the World in 2009 and he is also planning to release his first American album in 2009.

Credits to Wikipedia, Kome-world and J.Tune Entertainment
Edited by Cin @ rainlegend




“Korea Image Stepping Stone Award 2008″ given by the Corea Image Communication Institute
2008 Style Icon Awards - Style Icon of the Year
SBS Ingigayo "Mutizen Song" award
Mnet MCountdown November's 1st week 1st place award
Mnet MCountdown "Award for the month November Only one Song" - Rainism
The National Day for Saving - President Prize Award
Golden Disk Awards - Top Artists of the Year (Bonsang)


MTV Asia’s “Artist of the Month” (January)
The 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards - Best New Actor for “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK”
Listed in People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People, May 2007 Issue
Hallyu Grand Award
The 44th Dae Jong Film Awards - Overseas Popularity Award
The 59th Berlin Film Festival: Alfred Bauer Prize (I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK)
The 13th CineAsia Awards - Best Asian Male Artist in Asia
2007 Mobile Entertainment Awards - Best Male Singer


Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People Who Shape the World Award
SBS Gayo Daejun 2006 - Bonsang
Asia TV Awards: Best Movie Style “A Love to Kill”
MKMF Mnet: Best Solo Male Artist
M.NET Male Artist Award


MTV Asia Awards - Favorite Artist Korea
MTV Korea Channel V - Best Single Award
MTV Video Music Awards Japan - Best buzz Asia from Korea
MTV China: CCTV Mandarin Music Honors Award
Andre Kim Awards - Best Star
KBS Excellence Award for “A Love to Kill”


The 40th Baek Sang Arts Grand Awards - Popularity Award of TV Part
SBS Male Performer of the Year Award
KBS Artist of the Year
KBS Best Couple Award (with Song Hye Kyo)
KBS Excellence Award for “Full House”
KBS Best Actor Award
MBC Top 10 Artist Award


M.NET Male Artist Award
KMTV Male Artist Award
SBS Male Performer of the Year Award
KBS Best Male Artist Award
KBS New Actor Award for “Sang Doo, Let’s go to School”
KBS Netizen Actor Award of the Year
KBS Best Couple (with Gong Hyo Jin)
MBC Top 10 Artist Award


M.NET Music Video Festival - New Artist Award
KMTV Korea Music Awards - New Male Artist Award
Golden Disc Awards - New Artist Award
SBS Seoul Gayo Awards - New Artist
SBS Music Awards - New Male Performer of the Year
KBS Music Awards - New Artist, Most popular Singer Award by producers
MBC Top 10 Artist Award




Below are some interesting things about Rain
that are collected from his interviews.
Translated by Cin
Please do not take out to other places
, thanks!

- His fans are referred as “Clouds”

- His international fan club name is “THE CLOUD”

- He said if there is no CLOUD, then there is no Rain.

- He interested in dancing when he was in 6th grade.

- His teenager time idol was Michael Jackson.

- He has a younger sister named, Hanna.

- He went through very difficult times during his teens period, because lack of money so he was starved.

- His mother passed away because of illness before He debuted.

- His mother last words to him before she passed away is - she told him to look after his sister well and He promised her mother.

- He feels sad that he doesn’t have chance to buy her mother good food and take her on a plane to travel.

- He would visit and talk in front of her mother’s cemetery before his album or drama releases.

- He viewed his mother as his religion, someone who he believes always with him at all times.

- His school academic results wasn’t very good because he skipped classes to practice dancing.

- He studied very hard to pass the college entrance exam and accepted into college.

- He was training under JYP Entertainment for 3 years, debuted on April 24, 2002.

- When He was a trainee, he often dance in the subway and buses openly trying to compose the dance steps that fits with his music.

- His 1st album hit song “Bad Guy” choreography was done by himself.

- He promised to be a son that his mother would proud of and his wish came true when he received the grand award “2004 Artist of the Year” from KBS and at the same year his popularity spread over Asia because of his big hit drama “Full House” and his 3rd album “It’s Raining”.

- His previous management company is JYP Entertainment which is owe by his long time trainer, Park Jin Young.

- He ended the contract with JYP Entertainment in the year 2007.

- He started his own entertainment company and he came up with the name called J.Tune Entertainment in the year 2007.

- His fan club is managed by the “CLOUD MASTER”.

- His official debuted in Hollywood is the movie “Speed Racer” and his character name is Taejo, this movie was in theatres on May 9, 2008 in America.

- He nominated into TIME 100 “The Most Influential” poll for total 3 times (year 2006, 2007 and 2008).

- He was selected as one of “The Most Beautiful People” in the world by PEOPLE magazine year 2007.

- He was invited to Stephen Colbert’s “The Colbert Report” show and performed a dance battle live recording in New York studio on April 28, 2008.

- One of his dream is to become a designer.

- He said negative comments often become a motivation for him to work harder to prove himself.

- He held fan meeting with his fans once a year in Seoul, and some years he would held another fan meeting in Japan for the Japanese Clouds.

- He know how to say phrases like “Hi, I’m Rain.”, “How are you”, “Thank you”, “I Love You”, in Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Thai, and maybe more…etc.

- He has a strong desire to the U.S. market.

- He said he studies English 2 hours a day.

- He watched “Prison Break” to help him learn English.

- His “Must-Have” item is his ipod, he listens to music everywhere he goes.

- His traditional “airport” look would include his cap/beanie and his sun glasses (now you know how to spot him =)

- He likes to carry different models of “LV” bags around, mostly seen when he is at the airport.

- His nickname is “Kolly” (puppy).

- He love dogs especially his own.

- He likes to play “Star craft” video game on his mini LG notebook.

- He likes to play bowling, he said it helps him release his stress.

- He is good at swimming.

- He love eating, especially Korean food and he said his favorite is Kimchi.

- His ideal lady is someone who cooks well, who is long-hair, kind and pretty.

- He is shy and quiet in front of people he doesn’t know, but with his friends he becomes talkative and active.

- He would watch movies and listen to music during his free time.

- One of his unique hobby is collecting shoes, clothing and accessories.

- About his eye, this is what he said, “When I was young, I hated my eyes. There were many times when I wanted to go get my double eyelids surgically done, but the plastic surgeon felt that my small eyes were kind special, so he won’t do it for me. Who would know that these pair of eyes helped many people to remember me? Now to think of it, it’s lucky I didn’t go through the operation.”

- He love his lips because his friends said he has very full lips and they look very sexy.

- When he is busy with his work and didn’t groom his hair, he would wear hats to cover his hair, and he said he thinks he is pretty good looking with wearing hats.

- Most people looked at his body would say “he is sexy”.

- He said he love his fans (Clouds).

- 3rd album, “It’s Raining” image was designed by himself.

- His 1st world tour, “Rainy Day” happened 3 years after his debut at a age of 23.

- He held over 50 concert shows in his 2 world tours (Raining Day and Rain’s Coming).

- He endorsed close to 50 commercial products over Asia.

- He was described by the public as “cute face”, “sexy body”, “handsome looking”, “very hard-working artist” and a “world star”.




October 16, 2008  [ Vol.5 - Rainism ]


October 13, 2006  [ Vol.4 - Rain's World ]


September 13, 2006  [ 1st Japanese Album - Eternal Rain ]


October 8, 2004  [ Vol.3 - It's Raining ]


October 16, 2003  [ Vol.2 - Rain2 ]


May 12, 2002  [ Debut - Vol. 1 N001 ]



1st Live Concert <RAINY DAY> 2005 - 2006 toured in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, New York and Thailand.


<Rain’s Coming World Tour> 2006 - 2007  toured in South Korea, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Thailand and China.


2009 Hollywood Movie <Ninja Assassin>

Coming in November, 25 2009


2007 Hollywood Movie <Speed Racer>

Directors:  Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski
Release Date: May 9th, 2008 (world wide)
Distributors:  Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution
Production Co.:  Donners’ Company, Silver Pictures
Studios:  Warner Bros. Pictures
Financiers:  Funding: Berlin-Brandenburg Film Fund FFA Filmfoerderungsanstalt
Co-Financier:  Village Roadshow Pictures Entertainment
Filming Locations:  Europe Babelsberg Studio, Berlin, Germany
Produced in: United States

Official Speed Racer Movie Website:

IMDb Speed Racer Movie information:


2006 Asia Movie  <I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Okay>

Director:  Park Chan Wook
Starring:  Jung Ji-Hoon (Il Soon) and Lim Soo Jung (Young-goon)

Convinced that she is not entirely human but in fact part android, Young-goon’s health begins to deteriorate as she gives up eating food and instead decides to “charge her batteries” by administering electric shocks to herself via a small transistor radio.

As her mental state continues to deteriorate, the troubled young woman takes to donning her grandmother’s dentures and carrying on extended conversations with various machines around the mental health facility.

Of course Young-goon isn’t the only person suffering from a mental malady in this hospital, and it’s not long before Il-soon, a young man with a penchant for wearing masks and a reputation for being anti-social, is admitted as well.

A good-looking young man who sets about convincing his fellow patients that he has the power to absorb their personality traits, Il-soon gradually begins to develop a tender romance with the troubled Young-goon.

Later, when hospital officials determine that the only way to save Young-goon is to administer electro-shock therapy, the treatment has the unusual side-effect of convincing the would-be android that she has been fully recharged and possesses the ability to fire bullets from her fingers. In reality, Young-goon’s physical deterioration has become truly alarming.

With little time to lose before the love of his life slides beyond the point of no return, Il-soon enlists the aid of his concerned fellow patients in getting Young-goon back on the path to good health.


 2005 <A Love to Kill> Korean drama

Starring:  Rain, Shin Min-ah, Kim Sa-rang and Lee Ki-woo

In A Love to Kill, Rain plays a tough guy as the role of a K-1 Fighter, Kang Bok-gu. Bok-gu is a character who is dynamic in nature and grew up in a foster home. He falls in love with a woman whom he should not love. It was because of the woman, his emotionally-wounded brother fell off from the rooftop and became a human vegetable. So, his love is forbidden and inevitably tragic.The woman is Cha Eun-seok (Shin Mina) who is a TV talent and movie actor. It was not that she jilted his brother on purpose, but upon a basis of misunderstanding, his hatred toward Cha Eun-soek grows more and more burning.

By becoming Cha Eun-seok’s private bodyguard, Bok-gu keeps concretely practicing his revenge upon her. He only desires ‘to bring his brother’s woman to her knees.’ He is gradually taking Cha Eun-seok to destruction, while he feels his love toward her growing deeper and deeper in his heart.

Bok-gu is a cold guy character without any special concern for woman. Martial art of hand-to-hand fighting was just kind of his escape he choose from the shock of a spinster’s death whom he loved from a distance.

KBS A Love to Kill:
Cable TV A Love to Kill:


2004 <Full House> Korean drama

Starring:  Rain, Song Hye Kyo, Han Eun Jeong and Kim Sung Joo

Rain and Song Hye Gyo made a very fun-loving couple that couldn’t stop getting at each other’s throats. Every time they wanted to say something nice to each other they ended up saying things completely opposite to what they really meant! Throughout this drama, they continually quarrel with each other because of their stubborn selves. Han Ji Eun had lost her parents at a young age and was living in the house that her father had built and that she had been living in all her life. Because of her “friends” she is given the opportunity to go to China. This seemed innocent enough, but really, her friends had gotten themselves in a financial crisis, so they felt that after they got her out of the country they could sell her house and pay them off. Not knowing this, Ji Eun goes to China and ends up not having a place to stay. She goes to the hotel - her friends claimed to have gotten her a room - and finds that they had not gotten a room for her.

Fortunately she runs into Yu Min Hyuk and is given a room. Meanwhile… Lee Young Jea is a famous rising star in Korea that has a real attitude problem. He is given a film role that is located in China and goes there to fulfill this task. While in the airplane he is put in the seat next to Ji Eun. After Ji Eun gets home she finds that all her stuff has been taken out and that someone new was moving in. In rage she goes to find her friends, but is unsuccessful. After this she goes back to the house to find that the person who had moved in was none other than Lee Young Jea. Because Ji Eun did not have a place to go Young Jea lets her stay on one condition… She had to be his housemaid. This is what brings me to the other details. While they live together they begin to develop feelings towards each other but to try to avoid them they begin to fight and find ways of insulting each other.

KBS Full House:
GTV Full House:


2003 <SangDoo, Let’s go to School> Korean drama

Starring:  Rain, Kong Hyo-Jin, Lee Dong-Gun, Hong Soo-Hyun

Sang Doo lives with his uncle, he is gang-there-out from very young age. Since school time he is very attractive to girls, while he only cares about one woman-his first love, Eun-hwan. They two fall in love. Years ago in an accident, he is put into prison. Afterwards he hardly find a job because he is a school dropout with crime record. To earn the money to cure his daughter, he become a playboy replying on rich women. He is good looking and strong, with a sense of humor, he easily got popular among women.

Chae Eun-hwan is the lover of Sang Doo when they are in school. She is innocent. She lost contact with Sang Doo when her family owes huge debt and they runs away to other towns. Eun-hwan becomes a math teacher on her own effort, and has a doctor boy friend. She is very active in school. She is just and dare to challenge the evil forces. She keeps thinking about her first love Sang Doo, although she lives happily and abundantly with his doctor boy friend.  This is a very touching drama….

AZIO TV Sang Doo!:


2002 <Orange> Korean sitcom



Products that Rain Endorsed over Asia

Nature Republic
Pizza Hut
SK Telecom
Samsung Anycall
Calvin Klein
Millow Sport wear (China)
Lotte Duty Free Shop
Unilever Clear shampoo
Fuma Cake (China)
Today’s Tea
Ohdio Onair Online Game
KB Star Card
Dutch Mill (Thailand)
O HUI men’s skincare
XTM Cable
Rain’s Wonder Trip Sony PSP Game
Dae  Won Cantavil
Aflac Insurance
LG notebook
DHC skincare
Pepsi Soda (Hong Kong, China and Taiwan)
Pantech Mobile Phone (China)
Ralph Lauren
DOHC apparel
SK Telecom
Vonin skincare
Trofish  watch
Vita500 vitamin C drinks
Entia Coreana
S.T.I. Japan electronics
Kenox camera
KyoChon chicken
1492 Miles apparel
ZioZia apparel
TBJ  apparel
Elite Basics uniform
Fam Square shopping mall
Scalar chocolate
Tour to Korea


 Your favorite song in Rain's 5th album  
Which is your favorite song in Rain's 5th album?

My Way intro..
Only You
Love Story (After 0912)
Sarangiraneungeon 사랑이라는건
My Woman 내여자
Fresh Woman
Deoggeullyeo 더끌려
Gogaedollyeo 고개돌려
September 12th
My Way
Rainism Remix


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