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    CEO'S Note

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    Hello! Welcome to browse our websites, on behalf of all staffs of Yantai Yuanming Textile Tech Co., Ltd. Please allow me to give my deepest gratitudes and greetings to friends and customers who are concern about the development of our Factory!

    With the entery into WTO of our country , new challenges appears to each traders. To meet the demands of the market, and let our products meet the needs of the world and adopt the changing external environment, We will continue to strengthen the construction of the production bases, introduce advanced production equipments and technologies, and improve the product quality and management level of marketing of the whole company, enrich and perfect the products system of Yuanming. Offer more choosing chances and good service to customers, and adhere to the principles as " genuine goods at fair price , reputation first , customer the highest "throughly.

    Always start from customers demands,we pay great attention to establish the cooperationship in the long-term and strengthen the interdynamic communications with customers. Hope this website become a bridge for our communication with each other, where can we listen attentively the suggestions from you of Yantai Yuanming Textile Tech Co., Ltd. at any time. We believe Yuanming can become your reliable friend in the near future! 

    Friends Link: • Qingdao Fihonor Chemical Science&Technology CO., LTD . • ALIBABAB
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